Find A Local Plumber

Find A Local Plumber

When you need to find a local plumber for foul-smelling drains, leaky pipes, a constantly running toilet or hot water heater issues, the choice in South Florida is easy. At American Plumbing you will find a wide variety of professional plumbing services, plumbing supplies, local plumbers, and plumbing parts – all at affordable prices.

American Plumbing is the premier choice in South Florida for professional, diligent, and honest plumbing work for a wide variety of plumbing issues you may face. We are also proud to be fully stocked with thousands of plumbing parts, supplies, and fixtures at our plumbing store in Plantation, Florida.

Our work has gained us an esteemed reputation from industry professionals and our customers thanks to our detailed knowledge of plumbing issues. Continue reading to learn more about our professional services and why American Plumbing should be your first choice when you need to find a local plumber.

Our Services

Our skilled plumbing specialists and plumbing contractors offer a variety of plumbing services for every need. Leak repair, standard toilet repairs, electronic leak detection, and leak repair are just some of the many services American Plumbing is proud to provide.

We can assist you with:

  • Water heater installation and water heater maintenance
  • Electronic leak detection and leak repair
  • Servicing jacuzzi, pumps, whirlpool, and tanks
  • General plumbing repair and maintenance services
  • Restoring clogged drains and stopped pipes

For anyone looking to find a local plumber, it is very important to understand that you should not try to fix the plumbing issue yourself. Generally, DIY plumbing ends up costing customers much more money and the job is left incomplete or improperly done.

This means that contacting a local plumber with the right experience, equipment, and professionalism is the best choice. American Plumbing is that choice.

About Us

American Plumbing is a reputable team of professional plumbing contractors and local plumbers who know how to get the job done in a timely and affordable manner. Without the right plumbing tools, parts, and accessories a simple plumbing job can become a nightmare.

With a well stocked store location in Plantation, we have every piece of equipment, parts, and tools along with a skilled team of plumbers and plumbing contractors. This ensures any plumbing job you may need is done right the first time.

Contact American Plumbing to speak with a plumbing expert and to schedule a service appointment. No matter how complicated the plumbing job may be American Plumbing can guarantee the work is done properly by a plumbing professional with your needs in mind.

Also, be sure to visit the American Plumbing Supply Store in Plantation at 4361 West Sunrise Blvd to browse through our extensive inventory of the highest quality plumbing parts, tools, accessories, fixtures, and more.

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Find A Local Plumber

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