DIY Plumbing Help

DIY Plumbing Help

Sometimes you might want to take on a small plumbing project on your own. If this is the case, American Plumbing can answer all of your DIY  plumbing questions.


DIY plumbing happens everywhere, even at the Olympics! Japanese table tennis athlete Ai Fukuhara said she was forced to act as a quick fix plumber when her toilet started overflowing at the Olympic village she was staying among the other athletes during the 2016 Rio games. Aside from clogged toilets, exposed wires, and leaky pipes, many other issues caused some athletes to rent apartments outside of the village with better standards of living. The Chinese team was not the only team to experience issues with the living and plumbing conditions. The Australian team boycotted the village altogether saying it was unlivable. Many athletes were shocked to learn that the showers inside their units were just holes in the wall that were gushing water. While this is a very extreme example, broken plumbing can make life very uncomfortable. It is very important to get your plumbing issues resolved quickly, whether by yourself or a professional, in order to restore comfort and prevent further damage.


Fixing the kitchen sink is a common DIY plumbing repair. This is due to the constant moist conditions and use of the main sink in your house. You may only need to repair a few items such as channel locks or the brass U shaped pipe. Maybe you need to replace all the components under the sink due to oxidation or rust causing leakage. The kitchen area of your plumbing system is very susceptible to break down due to all the chemicals, salt, and other corrosive substances eating away at the materials of your sink year after year! Perhaps you have to replace a part in the tank of your toilet or want to update your bathroom sink’DIY plumbings outdated faucet. You can find expert advice and parts for jobs big and small at the American Plumbing Superstore. Our Superstore is fully equipped with everything needed to complete any commercial or residential plumbing job. You won’t be left to guess what parts you need as our professionals are on hand to answer your questions, suggest supplies, and offer the best course of action to fix your plumbing problem.


However, some jobs may be too extensive for a quick DIY plumbing fix. If this is the case, you can still turn to American Plumbing of Florida. We know the best solution to any plumbing problem you might have and will resolve your issue cleanly, fully, and in a timely manner. We are also one of the few companies that offer emergency plumbing service throughout South Florida. Don’t let a middle of the night bathroom flood catch you off guard, call American Plumbing! We are the top choice in South Florida for leak detection, tankless and solar water heater installation, stoppage clearing, and any other plumbing need you might have!  Please visit our site at or give us a call at 954-584-7733 and speak with someone today about how American Plumbing can find a solution for you.



DIY Plumbing

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