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Solar Water-Heating Systems

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heating systems can be a cost-effective alternative to your current heating system. These systems capture and retain solar radiation which is then converted into a mechanism that heats liquid. The solar thermal heat is then trapped using what is commonly referred to as the greenhouse effect, is an exchange of incoming and outgoing radiation that heats up the Earth. American Plumbing can assist you with all of your solar system needs!
Save money with solar water heating systems
    Benefits of solar water heating systems

    There are several benefits that can come from heating your water with solar energy. One of the most enticing is energy independence. As long as the sun is shining bright, you will always have energy. Just as reliable as getting your energy from the utility, solar energy can be used in tandem with your current system – many choose to use solar water heating systems as a backup in the event of an emergency or loss of utility.

    Can solar lower my electricity bill

    The most appealing factor in choosing solar power as your primary method of water heating or even just as a backup is that you can dramatically reduce the cost of your monthly utility bill, in some cases by nearly 50%. Over time you will notice a significant decrease in your utility expenses, which in turn can help you recoup the initial investment of your basic utility bills over a short period of time. Of course, the financial incentive of solar power is dependent on your property’s exposure to solar radiation and the cost of your current water utilities. Call American Plumbing today to see if a solar water-heating system is right for you!

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