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Garbage Disposers

Garbage Disposers Services

Garbage disposers, are a must-have for a clean and efficient modern kitchen. Food waste disposers sit under your kitchen sink’s drain and process leftover food into pieces small enough for your home’s plumbing system to digest. If you don’t already have a garbage disposal, here are a few reasons to get one:
Installing garbage disposers
    Garbage disposal services
    Already Have a Food Garbage Disposer?
    We can replace, upgrade, or fix your existing garbage disposal in no time!
    Garbage disposols eliminates odor
    Eliminate odors
    The alternative to a food garbage disposer is throwing leftovers in the trash. This quickly leads to unappealing orders in your kitchen.
    Food waste disposers can get rid of garbage smell
    Keep a cleaner home
    The reason that your trash bag smells so bad is because the food is decomposing and attracting bacteria. A garbage disposal helps you prevent this bacteria from finding a home in your kitchen.
    Keep the environment clean using food waste disposers
    Help the environment
    Garbage disposals in landfills is a major producer a methane, a greenhouse gas. By using a food waste disposer, food scraps can be processed safely at plants.
    Prevent clogged drains with Food waste disposers
    Save money
    Some people will dispose of food waste down the sink without a garbage disposal, these scraps can get logged in pipes and GREATLY increase the likelihood of clogging. Save yourself future plumbing and repair costs with a garbage disposer.
    Replace or fix my existing disposal
    Already Have a Garbage Disposer?
    We can replace, upgrade, or fix your existing garbage disposal in no time! Call American Plumbing to set up your appointment today!
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