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Main Line Stoppage Services

Main Line Stoppages

Every homeowner knows that sewer lines connect from the home to underground main sewer lines. Eventually, this main sewer line may begin to clog over time. This a serious issue that can lead to sewage backup and do significant damage to any home if not if the owners do not remain diligent.

There are several things that could cause main line stoppages, but the the most common are build-up and cracks in the pipes or possible septic tank problems.

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Main line Stoppages services in south Florida
    Extremely Hazardous
    Main line stoppages or clogs can be an intimidating for any homeowner. If its not detected early on it can not only become a serious financial issue, but it can also be extremely hazardous for you and your family. Bacteria debris and more can build up if your main sewer line is not inspected and treated.
    Warning Signs
    Warning Signs
    There are several ways to detect signs of main line sewer stoppages, such as checking the sewer clean-out which can often be found in the exterior of your house. It is a 3-4 inch pipe on the the ground with a cap. Once lifted, if water is visible or overflowing from the cap then you definitely have a blockage problem that must be cleared immediately!
    What can i do
    What Can I do?
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