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Gas Company Red Tags

What is Gas Company Red Tags?

Many still rely on gas power for their everyday utility needs. However, even this time-tested method of generating power is not without its perils. Like any utility equipment, gas tanks and heating units require regular maintenance to check for leaks and other issues that can negatively effect your home’s energy efficiency. However, with gas power these issues can also also be extremely dangerous. This why the gas company red tags system is used, to identify the type and extent of potential damage to a gas furnace or hot water heater. If your equipment receives a red tag upon inspection, this indicates that it is no longer safe to operate without repair or replacement.
What does it mean when you receive a gas company red tags
    The different types of red tags

    What types of red tags are there
    There are two types of red tags currently used by technicians, Type A and Type B. If a carbon monoxide leak is detected during inspection, the equipment in question will receive a Type A red tag. At this point, there is little to do but immediately turn off the gas until the leak can be addressed, insuring the safety of everyone in the home. If there is no immediate danger posed by the faulty unit, a Type B red tag will applied and the local utility provider will be notified. At this point the homeowner will have typically have a time period of 45 days to address the issue, whether by repair or replacement, before the gas is turned off for safety reasons.

    What is there to do about red tags
    What Can I Do About It?
    Once you receive a red tag, whether Type A or Type , the best option is to address it as immediately as possible. In some cases the equipment can be repaired, but replacement may be necessary in some cases.

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