Video Pipe Inspection Basics

Video Pipe Inspection Basics

Keeping your home or business’s plumbing needs up-to-date and working properly is a serious art form and a lot more difficult to master than one may think. Unfortunately, many plumbing issues are difficult to prevent with early detection, as this usually requires a physical inspection of your pipes by a trained plumbing professional. Signs of wear and tear in your pipes can be incredibly subtle and difficult to detect, being that most of your plumbing is invisible within your floors and walls. Indeed, it’s unwise and dangerous to attempt many DIY fixes to common plumbing problems on your own once they’ve occurred, as you could cause even more damage to your plumbing system or worse yet, injure yourself or others. However, there is a highly reliable and effective to catch these issues before they progress to the point of being unaddressable. With American Plumbing can easily check the interior of your home or business’s pipes and determine whether or not they require plumbing maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at how Video Pipe Inspection can help you!

Video Pipe Inspection is a fairly straightforward process, but one that could potentially save you the trouble of dealing with significant plumbing damage or from having to pay expensive repair bills in the future. When your plumbing technician arrives, a long cord with a camera attached to the end will be inserted into your plumbing system, usually in an access point that is as close to the potential problem area as possible. As the technician moves the cable down through the pipes, the camera at the end will give them a crystal-clear video feed of exactly what is going on inside your pipes, virtually removing what would have previously been guesswork. If significant blockage or other damage is picked up by the camera, then the pipe may have to dug up and addressed physically. Once the plumbing issue in question has been identified, the technician will stop the camera and activate the unit’s transmitter. Then at ground level, they will be able to use a homing device to pick up the location of transmitter and mark where on the ground the blockage is occurring, ensuring that they know just where to dig into the sewer trench. When your plumbing technician is able to identify a problem this quickly and easily, it saves you time and money.

While Video Pipe Inspection is incredibly useful in addressing problems once they start to occur, you should ideally be doing enough preventative maintenance on your home’s plumbing to keep these issues from happening in the first place. That’s why it isn’t a bad idea to request an video inspection the next time that you have plumbing work performed. One annual inspection should generally be enough to ensure that you’re pipes are healthy. Also, these inspections are very helpful if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Regardless of what you’re changing, you’ll want to be sure that the sewer line can handle the remodel’s plumbing needs. If you really want to proactive about the health of your home’s plumbing system, these inspections can be done by renting the equipment yourself. However, renting the video cables and locator devices required can be a considerable expense and the learning curve could eat away at your allotted rental time. So if you’re concerned about an issue with your plumbing or if you just want to have a routine inspection performed, then just give American Plumbing a call! Our professional technicians will be able to perform your Video Pipe Inspection quickly and at an affordable price. Contact us today!

Video Pipe Inspection

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