Fort Lauderdale Emergency Plumber

Fort Lauderdale Emergency Plumber

If you are searching for a Fort Lauderdale emergency plumber you can look no further than the efficient experts at American Plumbing. We have been servicing Broward County and the surrounding area since 1975 and we have seen and fixed it all! It is our ultimate goal to provide exceptional, speedy plumbing services to our beautiful South Florida communities. Certainly, clean sustainable water is essential to our health but the other unspoken necessity is proper plumbing and drainage. Without appropriately functioning plumbing a home can go from happy to hazardous very quickly. A slew of issues can occur at any given time leading you on the wild hunt for a Fort Lauderdale emergency plumber.

Anything from a clogged drain resulting in standing water to pipe leaks that cause wall and ceiling damage or even a major septic backup can all become a huge headache. The last thing any hard-working homeowner needs is to come home to a stressful situation that will prevent them from some well-deserved rest and relaxation. American Plumbing has a solution to any and all of your emergency plumbing problems. We staff a comprehensive crew of certified, experienced plumbing technicians and plumbers who are ready to quickly, accurately diagnose and treat any plumbing predicament imaginable.

Even the more exciting moments, like installing fresh plumbing and water heaters to a new home, setting up a new jacuzzi or a do it yourself project you have been planning, we have you fully covered from end-to-end. Our expansive plumbing superstore has an incredible stock of repair parts and tools including valves, pipes, fittings, drain cleaning accessories and water heaters by major brands such Kohler, Moen, Rheem and much more! Given the affordable and convenient menu of services and solutions that American Plumbing has to offer, it is no wonder they are a household name to so many residents in Broward County, so much so that it would come as no surprise to find one of our magnets on a friend or family members refrigerator or water heater. We have been taking care of every feasible plumbing “pickle” under the blazing hot south Florida sun for over four decades. American Plumbing took care of your parent’s plumbing problems and now it’s time for them to pass down the trusted tradition of using our reliable resource.

You can choose any old Fort Lauderdale Emergency Plumber but you certainly will not get the one of a kind quality of service that American Plumbing offers. A plumbing emergency will surely leave you feeling anxious, however, some matters are considered more pressing than others. Here are few examples of when it is a good time to have American Plumbing send out a Fort Lauderdale Emergency Plumber:

  • Flooding in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room
  • Cracked pipes
  • Leaking Valves
  • Broken Toilet
  • Clogged Drains with standing water
  • Major septic backups

Regardless of the urgency of a particular plumbing emergency or the job size itself, American Plumbing has you covered between our amazing team members in addition to our overstocked superstore of supplies. Call us today! 954-584-7733.

Fort Lauderdale Emergency Plumber

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