Plumbing Leak Detection

Plumbing Leak Detection

Plumbing Leak Detection services by American Plumbing will save your house from catastrophic water damage.  Mold issues related to plumbing leaks are the number one cause for respiratory related breathing difficulties and illness.  Even if you only have a minor leak that trickles small amounts of water it can lead to puddling and bacteria growth.  Over time mold won’t be your only problem but destruction of your home’s foundation will cause costly repairs.  Deterioration from standing water will cause your wood to rot and your drywall will soak up the moldy bacteria infested water.


American Plumbing uses state of the art technology that is non invasive with Electronic Plumbing Leak Detection Services.  Before electronic leak detection service you would have to cut holes in your drywall to peak into and behind walls and floors.  Plumbing Leak Detection is the most efficient manner in which you can dplumbing-leak-detectionetermine the water source.  Early plumbing leak detection is key to saving thousands of dollars in costly repairs due to water damage. If you have water damage then you most likely will have to have a mold remediation service.


Visual detection is key to preventing larger leaks which can cause much more damage.  Looking for stains and discolorations around pipe fittings, walls and floors will help you locate early areas of concern.  If plumbing leak detection is not properly addressed early on then you will certainly have larger issues to deal with down the road.  American Plumbing can come to your business or residence to perform an electronic leak detection service.  New home buyers and insurance adjusters lately have been alarmed at how many homes with severe long term water damage slip through the cracks during the inspection.  Having a professional plumber with the proper electronic plumbing leak detection tools do an inspection will alert you to any issues that could be repaired to prevent further damage.


American Plumbing is a full service plumbing company in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  No matter what you need for your kitchen or bathroom we can help you find that hard to locate plumbing product.  We also have a Plumbing Super Store that carries the largest stock of plumbing supplies in Fort Lauderdale.  Leak repair and detection, clogs and stoppages, hydro jet cleaning, color video inspection, main line stoppages, drain stoppages, roof drains, cleanouts installed, kitchen and bath fixtures, vanity and countertops, garbage disposals, toilets, pump services, jacuzzi and whirlpool services, floor drains, odor detection, septic tank location, tankless water heaters, gas and electric heaters, solar water heating systems, gas company red tag issues.  Plumber Fort Lauderdale  954-584-7733

Leak Detection

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