What To Know About Plumbing Stores

What To Know About Plumbing Stores

There are numerous plumbing stores to choose from that give plumbers access to all the necessary materials needed to perform their job. Many plumbers understand that jobs suddenly change and what should have been the right pipe or fitting will not do.

As a plumber, you want to ensure that you make the most out of your trips and avoid unnecessary costs. The right plumbing supply store can keep you prepared no matter what surprises a job may present.

It can also help you save money while having access to the highest quality materials and equipment available. Below are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a professional and reliable plumbing supply company. 

Plumbing Stores and Dealer Perks

Most plumbing stores offer two kinds of perks that can be extremely helpful. The first of these perks is the formal options they provide dealers.

In some cases, the plumbing supply store will offer this by paying a small member’s fee or registering your plumbing business as a wholesale purchaser (this is assuming the business has a wholesale license). This can provide immediate savings. 

The second of these perks is a dedication to their customers. This dedication should always be looked for when considering plumbing stores.

Clerks and staff should be genuine and friendly with their customers regardless of the time of day or how busy the store is. This is a good sign that can help you decide whether you want to build a relationship with the plumbing supply company. 

Shipping, Ordering, and Restocking Schedules

Excellent customer service is just one facet to consider. The shipping policies offered by the plumbing store are just as important. What does the plumbing supply company offer in terms of last minute and emergency circumstances?

When you need a part ASAP, you want to be assured that the plumbing store can overnight a part and guarantee its arrival time. One important factor you should check is how their restocking schedule works.

What day of the week do most of their shipments arrive? Does the plumbing supply company place shipments as soon as an item gets low on stock or do they place large orders at the end of the week?

These factors can greatly influence the performance and turnaround times you can offer clients, affecting the success of your business. 

Connecting With Management

In some cases, you will have an easier time coordinating with either a sales or operations manager. This can better ensure that your plumbing business’s needs are met.

Try to receive an honest opinion from them when you detail what kind of client volume you are working with. Are they able to take these factors into account in addition to those of the other plumbers already coming in?

If you are looking for plumbing stores that offer great prices and are dedicated to their customers, then look no further than American Plumbing.

We offer great dealer perks and can get important fixtures to you in the event of an emergency overnight. Contact American Plumbing today to learn how we can help your plumbing business continue to succeed and grow. 

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