How To Prevent Five Common Plumbing Problems

How To Prevent Five Common Plumbing Problems

At some point, all of us will encounter the need to call a plumbing repair service to fix a plumbing issue at our home or business. Fortunately, there are steps to take which can solve a number of common plumbing problems before they become an emergency.

These common plumbing issues can be addressed when they first come up and will save you hundreds in plumbing bills. Below are five common plumbing problems that you may encounter and how to resolve them.

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#1. Washing Machine Flooding

A washing machine is connected with rubber hoses which over time are prone to wearing out. If the rubber hoses wear out too much they will inevitably burst and could potentially flood your entire home.

The best way to prevent your washing machine from flooding your house and costing you thousands in repairs is to regularly check the hoses. When checking them, be certain to look out for any bulges or cracks.

If you do notice cracks or bulges quickly replace the hoses. You can also consider replacing the rubber hoses with steel models which are much more durable and less likely to burst.

#2. A Clogged Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most used plumbing appliances and one of the most common needing plumbing repair service. Fats, food debris, and grease can all make their way down the kitchen sink and can stick to the pipes.

If the pipes are not regularly cleared it could eventually cause the kitchen sink to become clogged. The best way to prevent this is by draining cooking oils and grease into a container such as an empty coffee can and then getting rid of it in the garbage.

Doing this can prevent a clogged kitchen sink but you can also prevent one by flushing it with boiling water. The boiling water can dislodge any residual grease or stuck food and by doing this periodically you can prevent a clogged kitchen sink.

#3. A Clogged Shower Drain

Everyone has noticed how hair will inevitably collect around the shower drain and eventually can cause a clogged shower drain. This is because hair does not dissolve in water.

An easy way to prevent the hair from falling into the drain is by using a strainer designed for showers. The strainer can capture the hair before it falls down the drain and save you the need to call a plumbing repair service.

#4. A Leaking Toilet

The parts inside a toilet’s tank are prone to wearing out quickly which can cause a leak. The easiest way to check if your toilet is leaking is by adding some food coloring to the toilet’s tank in the evening and then checking on it in the morning.

If the same color is present in the toilet bowl the following morning then you have a leak. The most common cause of this is a faulty flush valve which, unfortunately, requires a plumbing repair service to fix.

Be certain to fix the problem quickly to save yourself money from wasted gallons of water.

#5. Corroding Or Deteriorating Pipes

If your home is older than it is likely the plumbing is made up of older and weaker materials. Steel pipes are prone to rusting and then bursting while terra-cotta pipes are known to crack under the pressure of tree roots.

A plumbing repair service has the equipment and tools necessary to properly replace old and outdated pipes with new pipes. It is important to know whether the pipes in your house are outdated or modern.

For this reason, it is important to have a professional plumbing repair service inspect of your home.

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