Plumbing Manifolds

Plumbing Manifolds

An Introduction

Plumbing manifolds have seen a steep increase in popularity throughout the country. They are an innovative solution versatile enough for commercial and residential properties. Many newer construction projects now utilize plumbing manifolds because of their versatility. New manifolds are easy to install and provide plumbers easy access to diagnose and address plumbing issues. Their design acts as a hug for plumbing systems by connecting distribution lines to allocate hot and cold water to specific points. One of the greatest benefits of using plumbing manifolds is eliminating possible failures down to only two points.

How Plumbing Manifolds Are Designed

Standard plumbing manifolds are set up for two separate supply lines. The manifold setup uses incoming service lines maintain water pressure for the hot water supply line and the cold water supply line. Newer plumbing manifolds use flexible PEX/ cross-linked polyethylene instead of traditional copper piping for the supply lines. This eliminates normal rusting and prevents corrosion complications.

Newer plumbing manifolds are also designed with separate intake lines for hot and cold water. Hot water is able to flow directly from the connected hot water heater while cold water still originates from the primary service line. This means that a line is directly connected to a cold-water faucet in the master bathroom and another line is connected to a hot-water fixture in the kitchen. The dedicated outflow ware line comes from one of the ports in the manifold.

Plumbing manifolds are mounted in convenient and easy to access locations for easy access. This makes it simple to shut off individual fixtures.

Since some plumbing systems are large and some are small it may be necessary to use multiple plumbing manifolds for larger properties. Systems using multiple manifolds use junctions put in specific places that create a network that multi-unit structures depend on.

Listed Benefits of Plumbing Manifolds

  • A manifold accepts common supply lines of any size (down to ⅜”).
  • Installation is fairly easy and reduces potential labor costs.
  • Optimal mounted manifold locations are easy to access.
  • Manifolds are corrosion resistant and relatively easy to service.
  • PEX pipes are flexible, do not rust, insulate better than copper pipes, and are much less likely to freeze and burst.
  • Water arrives more quickly helping to conserve energy and water.
  • Any leaks can be seen and controlled directly at the manifold or fixture.
  • The water supply can be turned off from one location.
  • Most manifolds come with a ten-year warranty after they have been installed.

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