Detect and Repair Plumbing Leaks

Detect and Repair Plumbing Leaks

One of the most troublesome issues that property owners face is an undetected leak in the plumbing system. Leaks can become a costly mistake and lead to a sudden increase in the water bill if choosing to detect and repair leaks is neglected. 

Though a professional plumber can be of assistance, many people choose to use easy leak detection methods and repair their own plumbing system. But if you allow leaks to go undiagnosed, not only does it lead to damaged pipes that can eventually burst, leaving damage and further repair costs.

Just like heating and drainage systems, plumbing systems consist of various components that need to be handled with special care to ensure that damage does not become worse or affect the entire plumbing infrastructure. Since a leak can damage the entire system, it’s important to get ahead and detect and repair leaks as soon as possible.

Leak Detection Methods

For plumbing leak detection, it begins by checking major pipes. In copper pipes, a leak is noticeable as a white circle due to the salt collection within the water that crystallizes around the crack or hole on the leaking pipe. 

Additionally, it’s possible to check the meter after closing the water supply and taps to see if the water meter still moves. If it is, then you can confirm that there is a leaking pipe somewhere.

Though a leak can develop anywhere, there are a few places in plumbing that are more prone to leaking. First, check for constant dripping water around shower heads, faucets, and toilets that won’t stop running. 

Also, check for foul odors, chronic sewer backups, moisture spots on the walls, floors, and ceilings, and spots of mildew and mold. A water pump that constantly runs is also a sign of leaky pipes. 

Detect and Repair Toilet Leaks

To detect and repair toilet, you can run a silent leak test quickly in the toilet. Take a colored dye (blue/red) and ensure that the water in the toilet and tank are both clear. Put the dye in the tank and wait. After an hour, if there is a leak, the water in the toilet bowl will be the color of the dye.

It is imperative to get have plumbing leak repair services as soon as possible since they can cause considerable damage. Large pipe leaks can be caused by a burst pipe, which can lead to sewage back-up and flooding. All of these scenarios can result in expensive plumbing repair costs.

Unless you have professional plumbing experience, it is best to call an experienced Fort Lauderdale plumber to detect and repair leaks. As part of regular property maintenance, routine checks on the plumbing system are vital. If you discover a leak, it is recommended to contact an experienced plumber as soon as possible.

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Detect Repair Leaks Fort Lauderdale

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