Reasons You Should Change To Solar Water Heating

Reasons You Should Change To Solar Water Heating

A solar hot water heating system, sometimes called a domestic solar hot water system, has become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners in the last decade. Besides its low impact on the environment, a solar energy water heater is also a cost-effective choice for homeowners. These systems use solar radiation captured and held from the sun, and then converts it to heat water.

There are many beneficial reasons to adopt a solar hot water heating system. Below is a list of the positive benefits of switching over to this environmentally friendly and modern technology:

Energy Independence

  • The most common and certainly enticing reason to use a solar hot water heating system is its ability to drastically reduce your monthly utility bill. The cost reduction can be as high as fifty percent! These savings can be in turn used to recoup the initial investment of purchasing and installing the system in a very short amount of time

Easy to Maintain and Operate

  • Fortunately, solar energy water heaters require very little maintenance to keep running. The only thing an owner has to really do is be sure to inject a water softener into the pipes approximately every three years. The very few moving parts of the system also help reduce noise pollution and are generally quiet.

The Renewable Heat Incentive

  • A solar hot water heating system allows residential and industrial properties to claim the renewable heat incentive. Every time you generate your own heat (even if you don’t use it) you’ll get paid. There are a variety of available online calculators that can help you figure out how much you can earn bi it can add up to hundreds a year!

Space Saving and Non-Intrusive

  • Other solar-based technology requires the installation of twelve to sixteen individual solar panels. Solar energy water heaters in contrast only require two to three solar panels saving you space and on the cost of installation. The only extra space needed is for the storage tanks if you opt for the passive method.

Clean and Reliable Water Heating

  • The major benefit and reason for purchasing a solar water heating system are that its main source of energy (solar energy) is readily available and has no carbon footprint. If you have been searching for an alternative to expensive and dirty gas or hydropower, the solar energy is the best way to go. If the solar water heating system is located in a place that receives consistent sunlight then approximately eighty percent will be converted into heated energy.

There are a plethora of exciting benefits that using a solar hot water heating system can provide residential and industrial property owners. If you’ve been looking for a cost reducing, clean and reliable water heating alternative be sure to contact American Plumbing to make the switch to renewable energy!

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Solar Hot Water Heating System

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