What is a Plumbing Manifold?

What is a Plumbing Manifold?

Plumbing Manifold


The plumbing manifold is an innovative solution that has gained traction in residences throughout the country. It is versatile and easy to install and is becoming more commonplace in the plumbing industry. The concept of a plumbing manifold is to provide clear utility for residential plumbers. It acts as a hub for the plumbing system by distributing supply water to distribution lines in a home and narrows the possibility of failure down to only two points.

Plumbing Manifold Design:

The standard plumbing manifold setup requires two separate supply lines, one for hot water and one for cold, and uses an incoming service line to maintain water pressure. Rather than using costly copper piping, new manifolds use flexible PEX/ cross-linked polyethylene supply lines that eliminate concerns of rusting and corrosion.

With newer plumbing manifold designs the intake lines are separated by hot and cold water. The hot water flows directly from the water heater while the cold water originates from the primary service line. For example, one line is connected to a cold-water faucet in a guest bathroom and another line is connected to a hot-water fixture in the master bedroom. Each dedicated outflow water line originates from one of the ports in the plumbing manifold.

Plumbing manifold mount locations are convenient and easy-accessible to permit access for shutting off individual fixtures. Depending on the size of your plumbing system, a single plumbing manifold could suffice or multiple manifolds at specific junctions can be put in place to create a network for multi-unit structures to rely on.

Listed Benefits of a Plumbing Manifold:

  • All manifolds can accept any size common supply line (down to ⅜ inch).
  • The installation process is not difficult and reduces costly labor.
  • Less water pressure drops due to fewer required fittings.
  • Optimal manifold mounting locations are easily accessed.Plumbing Manifold
  • Service is relatively easy since manifolds are corrosion resistant.
  • PEX piping is flexible, does not rust, insulates better than copper piping, and is less likely to burst from freezing.
  • Water and energy are conserved since it arrives quicker.
  • Potential leaks can be viewed and quickly controlled at the manifold or fixture.
  • Water supply can be turned off at a central location.
  • There is often a ten-year warranty after the date of installation for many manifolds.

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Plumbing Manifold

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