Fix Your Kitchen Sink

Fix Your Kitchen Sink

American Plumbing of South Florida can fix your kitchen sink no problem! Give us a call today and we can come take a look!

Statistics suggest that the kitchen sink is the most frequently used sink in a household, owing to the diverse range of activities that take place around it on a daily basis. These activities include washing dishes and food items, getting a drink of water, draining pasta, operating the garbage disposal, and cleaning our hands. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the kitchen sink functioning efficiently at all times, not just for convenience, but also for health and safety reasons.

When it comes to kitchen sinks, they typically come equipped with a faucet, at least one basin, and sometimes even two. In addition, many kitchen sinks contain a garbage disposal unit that is built into the drain to help manage any small food particles that may end up in the sink. It is important to include all of this information when paraphrasing the original text.

It is possible for any part of your sink to malfunction, and each of these parts is composed of smaller components. These parts include the Faucet, Controls, Basin, Drain, Tailpiece, Water supply lines, P-Trap, cleanout, garbage disposal, or the shutoff valve. If your kitchen sink stops working, it is not advisable to attempt to replace the parts unless you have the necessary experience. There are various issues that can occur, ranging from simple to very complex. In extreme cases or for renovation purposes, we also offer kitchen sink replacement and installation services.

In addition to our expertise in the kitchen, we also have extensive experience in plumbing services. As one of the top plumbing companies in the South Florida community, American Plumbing provides comprehensive services for water heaters, bathrooms, toilets, showers, sinks, and other plumbing needs. Whether you require a repair for a leak or a professional installation, our team is available to handle any plumbing emergency promptly and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

If you need a residential plumber for any reason, whether it’s for an urgent situation or regular maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact American Plumbing at 954-585-1066. We guarantee to provide you with safe, hygienic, and expert services, regardless of whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes. Since 1975, we have been a highly regarded plumbing company that serves Broward County and the neighboring regions of South Florida.

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