Serious Plumbing Problem?

Serious Plumbing Problem?

Serious Plumbing Problem? Call American!

When you least expect it, you can find yourself with a serious Plumbing Problem. Always Call American Plumbing!

Just imagine, you are spending time at home, maybe getting some work done or spending time with your family when a leak you weren’t able to detect before floods your entire kitchen! If you don’t act fast in these situations, you could be dealing with much more impactful and expensive dilemmas.

Thankfully, American Plumbing has on-call services and even a plumbing superstore to deal with such a situation. We deal with these problems with care and respect for your home. We have the most well-trained plumbers in South Florida, and their care and expertise will certainly come in handy, so your problem will be handled as quickly as possible.

Often, if you get your toilet installed from someone else, you can’t always depend that it was done correctly. If it’s not installed properly, even tightening the screws too tight, you could end up with a mess of an incident and more than likely a leak. You can trust that American Plumbing can fix whatever damage was done from any previous installations or clear any stoppages that may have occurred.

Other than toilets and sinks, you could get a sudden Plumbing problem in several other areas in your home. Every homeowner knows that sewer lines connect from the home to underground sewer lines, and this can get clogged over time as well! For example, the most common causes of stoppages are build-up and cracks in the pipes. We can have one of our professionals can give you a free estimate on either repairing any of these problems or talk to you about a cleanout installation which is an entry point into a drain line allowing a plumber to clean the drain if it has become blocked or clogged as well as performing general maintenance.

If these services aren’t quite what you’re looking for, or you are a plumber in need of helping with someone else’s problem, you can always visit our Plumbing Super Store located between the Florida Turnpike and State Road 7. We’ve been providing top rate plumbing supplies and equipment to Broward County for years!

American Plumbing is one of the very few plumbing companies that have om-call services available in most areas of Broward County and surrounding areas of South Florida. Our friendly staff will answer your call with a sense of urgency, ready to help you with your sudden plumbing problem, so call us today at 954-585-1066.

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