Professional Plumbing Services

Professional Plumbing Services

Some plumbing problems require more than a quick DIY plumbing fix. Fortunately, our professional plumbing services are diverse, efficient, and affordable. Whether you need something as simple as general toilet repairs or a bit more specialized professional plumbing services, you can count on our team of local plumbers to help!

American Plumbing is a plumbing company that provides a variety of professional plumbing services in Broward County. Our passion for producing high-quality results that people can depend on is only matched by our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Take a look at the different types of professional plumbing services we offer below. If you are ready to hire a plumber now, contact our team or call 954-585-1066 today!

Our Professional Plumbing Services

Leak Repairs / Leak Detection Services

Leaks can be a minor nuisance that quickly becomes a major burden. Something as small as a leaky pipe can drip consistently enough to raise your water bill by hundreds or even thousands. Left unattended or only partially fixed, that leaky pipe can quickly turn into an expensive predicament by wreaking further havoc on floors or a house’s plumbing infrastructure. Fortunately, with Electronic Leak Detection and Leak Repair services, our professional plumbers will have the problem quickly addressed and fixed with minimal disruption.

Clogged Drains & Stoppages

Clogged drains and stoppages can cause major issues to a building’s entire plumbing system. Whether it is from hair, personal hygiene products, or something else, if the pipe begins to become backed up then the problem could become expensive. Fortunately, our professional plumbers are able to inspect pipes, main lines, and drains to clean stoppages out quickly for affordable rates.

General Plumbing

Need professional plumbing services to repair or upgrade toilets, garbage disposals, fixtures, countertops, vanities, showers, or sinks? We will help with any and all general plumbing services and even have a huge plumbing supply store full of thousands of different plumbing parts, fixtures, and more!

Conventional Trenchless Technologies

We also provide professional plumbing services that include Whirlpool and Jacuzzi services, septic tank location, and pumps services. Or maybe you need help locating a foul odor coming from somewhere? We also perform odor detection and prevention to keep your place smelling clean and new!

Water Heating

A water heater is a necessary part of every home, so when it starts acting up, it can’t be ignored. We provide installation services for water heaters of most types, including gas, electric, tankless, and solar water heating systems. Whatever you’re water heating needs, our experienced plumbers can help!

When it comes to plumbing in South Florida, there’s simply no better choice than American Plumbing. Contact our team if you’d like to get a free estimate for our professional plumbing services!

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Professional Plumbing Services

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