Plantation Plumbing Parts Superstore

Plantation Plumbing Parts Superstore

American Plumbings is committed to providing our South Florida neighbors with exceptional products and services. Our Plantation plumbing parts superstore is the best Broward County establishment for plumbing supplies. Staffed with experts in the industry, it is an equipment and knowledge center for both homeowners and professionals, alike. Read on to learn about our services, products, and a few of our top plumbing tips.


Plantation Plumbing Parts

South Florida conditions can be particularly strenuous on plumbing. Extreme heat can lead to warping or cracking of plastic pipes, valves, and fixtures. And the salty air surrounding coastal cities can cause some metals to tarnish or rust quicker. This can all be exacerbated by a severe rainstorm or hurricane, causing significant damages. Whether you are dealing with an emergency or just an inconvenience, American Plumbing’s part store will have everything you need. While a bix-box hardware store may seem like it would have the biggest selection, this is not necessarily the case. Only a small fraction of these stores is actually allocated for plumbing supplies. And the products they carry are chosen to appeal to the most common options, meaning that older or specialty parts are lacking. American Plumbings’ entire store is dedicated to providing the largest selection of parts around.

Tip #1: Manufacturer Parts

Go with OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts whenever possible. While there are many aftermarket alternative options that may do, they probably will not last or work as well. Using OEM parts will ensure full compatibility with your appliance or pipes. We supply OEM products from brands like:

  •  Moen
  • Kohler
  • Delta
  • Briggs
  • Crane
  • Rheem
  • American Standard
  • and many more!


The Perfect Place For The DIY’er And The Professional

The value of our plumbing superstore does not just lie in its great selection. Our skilled staff is also on hand to offer guidance and knowledge on nearly any plumbing project you are looking to undertake. We have been in business since 1975 and remained as committed to providing expert advice and friendly service as on day one!

Even if you are an expert, you’ll enjoy being able to find all of the plumbing parts, tools, and accessories you need to best serve your clients in one convenient location. Parts are always in stock and ready for pickup, so you will always have what you need to tackle any issue.


Tip #2: Measure Ahead

A tale as old as time, but it bears repeating: measure ahead of time! Knowing the brand and name of the part you need is a great place to start. But many parts come in a variety of sizes. Make sure that whatever part you buy will connect properly to the rest of your system by writing down your measurements.


What If I Need Aditional Help?

Some jobs are just to complex or crucial to try and handle yourself. If you feel that you need professional intervention beyond just guidance, we are here to help! American Plumbing is not just a Plantation plumbing parts supplier, but a full-service plumbing company as well. Our fleet of responsive master plumbers are can solve any plumbing mishap with urgency, expert professionalism, and a clean approach. Call us at 954-585-1066 to speak with schedule an appointment or request emergency plumbing services.

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