Local P Trap Plumber

Local P Trap Plumber

Do you hear a gurgling when water is draining through your pipes? Perhaps your bathroom or kitchen is filled with an inexplicable bad smell. If you experience either of these things, you may have a problem with one of your appliance’s p traps. P traps are very common in both commercial and residential plumbing. Your American Plumbing local p trap plumber has all the knowledge and equipment needed to keep them in proper working order. Read on to learn all about P traps and how they may be the reason behind your plumbing issues. 


What is a P trap

A P trap is a length of piping that is installed beneath a toilet, floor drain, or most often, a sink. The pipe is bent into the shape of a P, hence the name. The P trap serves two main purposes. The first is to prevent clogs deep within your plumbing. P traps contain a small vent to allow for easy removal of any collected debris. P traps also carry out the important job of shielding your home from unpleasant sewer odors. The P shaped design allows for a water barrier to stop gases from leaking into your kitchen or bathroom.

These gasses are a product of waste decomposition in your sewage pipes. This is normal and will happen in almost any building, but you do not want to subject your family or customers to these gasses as they can be foul and in special cases, even harmful. Luckily, p traps are a simple and effective way to prevent this problem. 

For aesthetics and longevity, metal p traps are available. They are often made of steel, but a PVC trap could work just as well if it is hidden or you do not mind the appearance.  

How Does A P Trap Work

The p trap is a quite simple device in design. In the p shaped bend, water sits and creates a seal. This is what blocks odors from coming up from the building’s drain waste vent. This water-based system allows for debris and old water to pass through. Each time your sink or drain is used, new water will flow into the p trap, keeping it clean of wastes and odorless. An unexpected added benefit of a p trap system is it may catch small items such as toys or jewelry that happen to fall down the drain.  


What can go wrong with a P Trap

Because of their simple design and lack of moving parts, p traps are very easy to keep in working order. However, just like any bit of plumbing, there is always the possibility of a mishap. The most common problem occurs when the p trap dries out due to a leak or infrequent use. The latter reason is easy to prevent by using your sink or drain regularly, replenishing the water. A leak is best taken care of by a local p trap plumber, as it is easy to break piping, especially if it is older. You may encounter a clogging problem from time to time, especially if you have smaller children who are not as careful about what they put down drains. American Plumbing has a fleet of master plumbers to quickly and cleanly remedy your South Florida plumbing issues, p traps included.  


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Local P Trap Plumber

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