Toilet Repair In Broward

Toilet Repair In Broward

If you are looking for a leading professional for toilet repair in Broward, look no further than American Plumbing. We can guarantee an efficient and thorough job fixing your toilet no matter the scenario, big or small. Our services extend to not only residential plumbing problems, but commercial as well.

There is no one way to break or damage a toilet. There are several ways you can end up in need of toilet repair in Broward. Toilets can crack easily if not treated with the right care, and they wear over time if used daily (which most of us do). Even every time you unclog it or install anything new to it, its parts will deteriorate.

A common mistake people do that damages their toilet is to pour hot water into the bowl in an attempt to unclog or clean it. The hot water causes the porcelain to expand and this can result in cracking. In addition to this, using tools used to install new parts or a new toilet seat to your toilet makes it more likely to damage it, especially if not used the right way.

If you are in the process of getting a new toilet unit installed entirely, you need to make sure the nuts and bolts are tightened securely so that the toilet is well-anchored to the floor. Now, you don’t want them leaving to lose as to make the toilet wobble, but you don’t want them too tight either since this can also cause the toilet to crack. We are able to not only repair any damages to past installations, but we can help determine if you need a new toilet entirely, and we can certainly do this for you.

Of course, there are many other plumbing issues that can occur in a home or place of business, and we can easily help you with any of these problems with the variety of services other than toilet repair in Broward that we have at American Plumbing, including:

  • Leak Repair and Detection
  • Clogs and Stoppages
  • General Plumbing (including kitchen and bath fixtures, garbage disposals, and more)
  • Conventional trenchless technologies
  • Heating

American Plumbing is one of the very few plumbing companies that have emergency services available in most areas of Broward County and surrounding areas of South Florida. Our friendly staff will answer your call with a sense of urgency, ready to help you with your plumbing emergency, so call us today at 954-585-1066.

Toilet Repair In Broward

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